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*Types of dragons involved: Tanger, Swallowtail, Moonstone

This lineage is a tad bit experimental. There will be 2 versions.

The first will be a stair-step lineage, with one set being lineage female Swallowtails bred to caveborn Moonstone males. The other will be lineage male Swallowtails bred to caveborn Tanger females. I want to aim for 12 generations for each and then breed their offspring.

The second one may be a lineage of its own, but since it involves these same dragon types here, I am going to include it in this post. This one will be an even-gen lineage, Female swallowtails will be bred to Male Moonstones, Female Tangers to Male Swallowtails. If a female moonstone is produced, she will be bred with a male Tanger of the same lineage. It's going to be quite the project.

Naming scheme will be consistent with my other naming schemes: the first name will be either a historical name, mythical figure from Japan or it will be Celtic in origin. The family name for lineage offspring in version 1 will be Meikuuyoku. Their caveborn mates will be given the family name of Meijyo (females), or Meidan (males). Version 2, all females will be Meikuuko, all males will be Meikuuji. Meiyoku will only be used for Female Moonstones who are bred to Male Tangers, and the Male Tanger will share that family name.

Version 1: Lineage Female Swallowtail and CB Moonstone males )

Version 1: Lineage Male Swallowtails and CB Tanger Females )

Version 2: Even Generation Line )

--->Lineage Masterlist
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* Types of dragons involved: Pygmy, Misfit, Dark Myst, Seawyrm, Crimson Flare and Nilia

I intend for this to be a kind of stair-step lineage project, using all the pygmy breeds with the exception of the Pumpkins. The idea is for the first generation pairing to be CB, and to mate with a Pygmy of the same type. Their child will breed with a pygmy of another type, then their progeny will breed with the same type as they are and so on until the breeds go through the cycle twice in the same order with no repeats.

Furthermore, I’d like to have a CB pair for each Pygmy type and create a lineage for each base pair.

Example: My first line is Nilia CB F x Nilia CB M = Nilia M x Misfit CB F = ? x Same… And so on.

Any purebred (only 1 generation removed from CB) or cb pygmies are acceptable. Also, pygmies with the required lineage will be accepted and listed. I will take any that are offered! Especially CB.

Naming: Males will have the family name "Zenko", Females will be "Zenshouyoku" and offspring not included because they gendered wrong or were wrong breed are "Zen". Caveborns are allowed to keep their family names, or their original names.

Complete! Nilia base )

Misfit base )

Crimson Flare base )

Dark Myst base )

Pygmy base )

Seawyrm base )

--->Lineage Masterlist
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* Types of dragons involved: Hellfires, Electric

This lineage is also going to be a stair step lineage, though if I find I like another way, I'll add it as I figure it out. This lineage will be lineage females bred to cave-born males, and the alternate lineage will be lineage males to cave-born females. When I get to the 6th or 12th gen, I'm planning on crossing these 2 and switching the rules for the line.

We'll see how it goes.

The naming scheme for this will be Raidenko/Raidenji as the family name and the personal names will be a mix of Celtic and Japanese names, including mythical figures. It seems to be my thing.

Lineage Female Hellfire and CB Male Electric )

Lineage Male Hellfire and CB Female Electric )

--->Lineage Masterlist

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