May. 19th, 2013 04:47 pm
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I've been following a 30 day workout program of sorts. Today is day 11 and I did 70 crunches, 70 squats, 20 side crunches on each side, plus 20 hip lifts and a 15 second plank. By the end of this, I'll be up to 150 crunches and 150 squats. Holy crap! The side effect of this being some of my clothes are starting to feel looser. Plus my weight has gone to a low of 319 lbs., which is the lowest weight I've been at in the last decade or so. I've also decided I would like to run Bloomsday, maybe next year? We shall see. I'm going to try and start working my way up to running. I'd like to see myself be one of those people who will get up in the morning, do a quick workout, run for a little bit and then go to work. Working out in the morning seems to be a great way to wake up.

I don't care if I ever look like a "model", I just want to feel better and reach my goal. I'd like to be around 200 lbs, but my goal right now is 300 lbs. At that point I get to reward myself with a new tattoo!

Anyhow, still doing taiko like crazy and still love it. There are little bumps along the way but that's dealing with the people in the group, not the drumming part of it. We are moving into our busy season, so I'm pretty sure I'll be burning more weight off because of it. Not that I mind!

Work is still work. New position, again, but I'm still doing my previous position's work and that's okay with me. It will be slow to move into the new position, because it is a completely brand new position, but again, that's alright with me.

There is no love-interest at all on the horizon, not even the one person I kind of had a crush on. I am, however, still crazy about Benedict Cumberbatch. Still think he's an amazing actor, and I intend to continue to follow his career. In being a member of what he has called "The Cumbercollective", I am not a fan who will spend a lot of money just to stand in line and get 5 minutes with him and a picture. That's not who I am. I am, however, the type of fan to learn that his mother collects things of an owl-y nature and decide to do something to send to her when I send a card to him this next time. I'd like to have an opportunity to spend an afternoon getting to know him. That's the type of fan I am. And I absolutely loved his character he played in the new Star Trek Into Darkness.

I've found Pinterest and love it. It's the site that gave me the idea to do the workouts and so on. It has great ideas and has given me a way to find what my style is in a way. It also has lots of Benedict on it! LOL.

Anyhow, that's pretty much it.

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