Jan. 26th, 2013

hana_ginkawa: (Olivia)
I really wasn't expecting anyone to answer my Facebook post about hanging out. I really wasn't. It would have been nice if someone had responded. [personal profile] hani did, and I love that she did, but she's halfway around the world and couldn't possibly attend, even if she did want to.

I didn't have work today due to having scheduled a vacation day, so that was nice. Slept for a long time and work up feeling pretty good. Took a shower, applied body lotion since I had the time, trimmed and painted my nails on hands and feet! Made coffee, did a little cleaning around the house. It is still a mess from when I moved around last year. Had lunch, went to a make-up lesson with Sensei, went to the grocery store and after making dinner, got on the internet and have not got off of it as of yet. It is seriously a time-suck. I hadn't intended on being on, but here I am.

Good day, for the most part. Time for bed as I have taiko practice in the morning. UGH. LOOK AT THE TIME.

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